Team Mac Howard

We are Team Mac Howard. We are a Christ-loving, LCH fighting, military family who has found ourselves on a path we did not plan but welcome all to join us. This blog is a feeble attempt to share our family’s journey in fighting a disease which has essentially turned our world upside down in a matter of days. We hope you see us at our best–demonstrating faith, strength, love, and endurance. However, we also know you will undoubtedly see us at our worst–our moments of doubt, restlessness, pain, and sorrow. Nine days before our son Mac’s first birthday, he was diagnosed with multi-system Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis. “Langer-what??” Exactly. We are by no means professional bloggers, writers, or experts of any kind. We are simply parents who love our son (and daughter)  and hope to raise LCH awareness by making sure our story is told.

Mac's a Fighter 2013/April/06

Mac’s a Fighter


18 thoughts on “Team Mac Howard

  1. What a blessing to have found your blog. What a beautiful family, and a testament of strength to tackle such a trial head on. Thoughts and prayers are with you and Mac!

    • Brendan, I’m glad God brought me to Genesis, too. What a blessing Genesis has been to my family!! The prayers are so powerful and I am so grateful that even the Genesis Kids are in on the journey. #neverstoppraying

  2. Found your story through our dear friends at GENESIS. Wanted to let you know that our church community is praying for little Mac and your entire family. Lifting you up today and through this entire journey. You have many brothers and sisters in Christ you will never meet that are praying for your sweet little boy.

    • Elyse, thank you and your church community for praying for our fighter! As I’ve said before, I cannot wait to say, “and they lived happily ever after.” But for now, we welcome your prayers and welcome you on our journey!

  3. Hi I just turned your story with my family and friends. We attended church with Jim & Phyllis Smith, Randall & Karen Converse. Karen asked me to pray for Mac, I did, I cried, and I called my Neighborhood Group leaders, and we prayed over the phone. We have put Mac and the family on our prayer sheet at church, I will add your Website next week! you will be getting many readers and prayers, from our church. It is Woodside Bible, Royal Oak Campus! I will ask that Karen send you a Bulletin. i am very sorry for this to happen to ac and the family. Our prayers will be heard I am sure of it. God Bless

    • Linda, thank you, thank you, thank you for a) praying for our son b) encouraging you neighborhood group leaders to do the same and c) doing it together! What a blessing!! We welcome all on this journey who are willing to fight and pray for our little guy. As far as being sorry, don’t be sorry it happened to our family–I have faith God is working on something greater. Thanks, again.

  4. I just want you to know, when little Mac was first diagnosed with LCH my very close friend, Linda Pendergrass, asked me to put him on our Ladies Prayer Group list. We did and we have been praying for him since then. He is being spoken by name each Tuesday at 10:00 our prayers at Collinsville Church of God in Collinsville, Mississippi. As you have said, God is working and he does have a plan for little Mac’s life.

    • Brenda, it brings my momma-heart great joy to know the Ladies Prayer Group in Collinsville is praying for Mac by name. Thank you so much for sharing this with me and please share with the ladies how much this means to our family. If you don’t mind, please pray specifically that after this next round of chemo (currently scheduled for 3-19 through 3-24) Mac has “NAD” (No Active Disease). Additionally, he will have a brain MRI on either April 9, 10, or 11. This will reveal whether we are “done” or if a new regiment will be needed. Thank you for your support and prayers ❤

  5. Thank you for your blog! My son is 16 months old and was just recently diagnosed with LCH. Being able to read your blog and see that some of what I am feeling is “normal” is refreshing.

    • Brittin, though I am very, very sorry to learn your son has LCH, I am so happy you found our blog! Please do not hesitate to contact us personally if we can be of any help–even if it is just to lend an ear! We are not pro’s but we have “been there.” What am I saying?!! We are still there!

  6. Great video Team Mac! Our son, Gabe, was diagnosed with LCH at 8 months and he is now 3 and has been off of chemo with clear PET scans for a year now. Yay!
    Thank you for sharing the good days and the bad days with us. To me, his Mom, it is still like a bad dream but Gabe most always had his dimples shining that helped us all through the bad days. Heads high and keep up the fight!! XOXO!

    • Way to go, Gabe!! Cindy, as you can imagine, these are the stories we love to read. I am wondering if the feeling of it all being a “bad dream” will ever go away but as a parent, I’m not sure that it will. Thanks for the time to look into our story! Again, awesome (and inspiring) news about Gabe.

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